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DestinyOverwatch moved to Destiny 2 Forum complete!


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I've successfully moved DestinyOverwatch.com to Destiny2Forum.com! I've moved all existing files from DestinyOverwatch, to Destiny2Forum to finally upgrade to xenForo 2! There was a short period where I uploaded XF2 with the import from DestinyOverwatch to do a few things: Index the pages for google, and other search engines. I waited, and waited for the skin to arrive, and now that it has. I finally made the move.

I'll have to modify the skin to conform to what I want. But rest assured, everything is intact. Log in with your old username. Nothing has been changed, really. It was a straight-forward upgrade. Yeah, there are a few icky issues I have to get sorted out, but everything is intact. I will now begin to redirect everything. The site is also now on https, so no security warnings! :)

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