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No Clan Recruitment!

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Hi everyone,

We've set up this board to make it easier to find & join other players as a Fireteam in Destiny. Post here to let others know when and what you'd like to play, but don't forget to also post your gamertag in the gamertag threads here: PS3 ID Topic and PS4 ID Topic

Destinyoverwatch.com is the home of The Overwatch clan, so these forums do not support recruitment for other clans. Any thread made for clan recruiting, or users that post to poach users for another clan will not be supported here.

If you're looking for a clan to join, whether to obtain the clan-related achievements or just for some fun fireteamates, click the link above and head over to bungie.net to join our group. Once an admin accepts you into the group, click the 'Set as Xbox Clan' button to finish the process.

Eyes up, guardians! See you starside.
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